China factory offered on selling good quallity pellet mill machine for pellet production line

How do I buy a pellet mill machineWhere to buy a pellet mill?Where to find a large pellet mill plant manufacturer?How much is 5 tons per hour pellet mill price?Cost of pellet mill machine 1-3 ton per hour?What is the price of pellet mill machine for domestic animals?Where would I buy a wood pellet mill machine?Where and when for processing plant for pellets wood pellets,etc.

Customers come from all over the world, and their questions are diverse. But whether it is starting an animal feed pellet production line or a biomass wood pellet production line, the pellet processing machine is always the most important.

poultry fodder machine chicken feed mill pellet mill machinery for small farm

1.China factory price good quality pellet making machine

China factory price good quality pellet making machine is designed and developed to make feed and biomass raw materials like grains,corn,wheat,bean,sawdust, grass, barks, rice husk, crop stalk, wood chips and shavings etc into density cylinders with uniform diameter and length for use.

Our CE ISO approved pellet making machine is mainly composed of feeding, pelleting, transmission and lubrication system. When working, the raw material enters into the pelleting chamber through the feed port; under the large pressure between pressing roller, raw material would get through the die holes which are uniformly distributed on the inner surface of the die. During this processing, under the effect of high temperature and pressure, physical changing and some chemical change happened inside of the raw material, making the powder material into cylinders with uniform diameter. Then, the cutter cut them into uniform length.

Due to different applications of finished pellets, pellet making machine for sale is divided into two types, including hot sale wood pellet making machine and hot sale animal feed pellet making machine, each type has its own features and highlight.

2.Feed&Biomass Wood Pellet Mill Machine With China Manufacturing Price For Sale

(1)Hot selling good quality biomass wood pellet mill

With the environment getting worse and worse and air pollution is most serious, the demand for renewable energy is becoming urgent and large. Wood pellet making machine was born in the age, aiming to produce green and clean fuel pellet. The raw materials used for making wood pellet mainly are agro residues and forestry wastes like wood chips and wood shavings, barks, twigs, shrub, peanut shell, coffee shell, corn rob, sugarcane shell, rice husk, coconut shell, palm fiber, corn stalks, bamboo shavings, sawdust, pineapple shell, grasses etc.

With different production range from 300kg/h to 4.5t/h equipped, the wood pellet machine can meet every small scale wood pellet plant production and large scale wood pellet making line production, widely used for home heating and cooking, household fireplace, BBQ, public and community heating, industrial boiler and biomass power generation.

RICHI ring die wood pellet making machine series:

MZLH350 800-1000kg/h China professional factory offered high quality wood pellet machine

MZLH320 factory offered hot sale 300-500kg/h biomass wood pellet mill

MZLH420 high performance 1-2 ton per hour wood pellet machine

MZLH520 new technology 2-3 ton per hour wood pellet mill

MZLH768 2.5-4t/h easy to operate good quality wood pellet machine

MZLH858 3-4.5t/h China hot sell good quality wood pellet machine for sale

hot products 160kw  biomass wood pellet machine for biomass

(2)China manufacturer selling feed pellet processing machines

Our feed pellet making machine for sale is designed and manufactured to make nutritional feed for animals, such as, cattle, sheep, rabbit, dog, geese, duck, pig, chicken, fish etc.

As we all know, different kinds of animals require different nutrition. In order to grow animals well and fast, feed for animals must be with rich required nutrition. Feed pellet making machine can help you to make nutritional feed for animals by mixing some raw powder materials together, like corn, potato, wheat, cabbage, rice, straw bran, cassava, soybean, carrot etc thus avoiding the animal become picky. Moreover, under the effect of high temperature in the pelleting chamber, the finished feed pellet is easy to absorb for animals. Therefore, no matter what kind of your animal is, feed pellet machine is the best choice for your animals.

RICHI hot selling ring die pellet milling machine for animal feed:

1-2t/h SZLH250 small animal feed pellet mill with CE

3-4t/h SZLH320 best price manual feed pellet machine

5-7t/h SZLH350 animal feed pellet mill equipment

8-12t/h SZLH420 complete animal feed pellet mill machine with factory price

10-18t/h SZLH508 china supplier simple operation animal feed pellet mill

15-25t/h SZLH558 Simple operation portable animal feed pellet mill machine

20-30t/h SZLH678 fish animal feed pellet machine with manufacturer price

25-40t/h SZLH-768 floating fish feed pellet mill machine

28-45t/h SZLH858 CE certificate fish food animal feed pellet mills

3.Reasons of choosing China supplier pellet mill

(1)All of our pellet making machine are manufactured with reasonable structure and bright layout, calls a low cost.

(2)The gear box adopts advanced grey cast iron material with low noise and good property of shock absorption.

(3)Our feed machine for sale is designed with new structure, the machine shell is added with stiffener and more thicker casting, enhancing the machinery strength and efficiently avoiding the machine shell damage.

(4)Our wood pellet making machine for sale is equipped with the most proper die hole structure for wood pellet production, which is obtained after amount of experiments, called optimum compression ratio of die hole.

(5)Safe electric control system totally meets the CE standard operating system, and the urgent stop bottom can stop the machine in emergency situation.

(6)With strict and standard manufacturing and technological management, the consistency and interchangeability of all the components is guaranteed, improving the confidence of customers in choosing our product.

(7)Both of our wood and feed pellet making machine are equipped with type for home use, commercial use, industrial use, even investing use.

Whether you choose our pellet manufacturing machine for sale to make wood pellet or feed pellet, we will offer you the best service, please feel free to contact Richi Machinery.

If you want to built one complete pellet production line in your country, pls send the inquiry to us. We will customized design according to your requirement.

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