Professional shrimp feed production process for shrimp feed processing line from China

How to produce shrimp feed?Shrimp feed production processing?The pellet feed processed by the shrimp feed pellet production line not only needs to have comprehensive and balanced nutrition, but also has good water stability. Therefore, shrimp feed production has always been a major problem in the process of shrimp farming. Today, I will introduce a process for processing shrimp pellets using a common fish pellet processing line for your reference.

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1. Processing technology

Shrimp pellet feed production includes the following processes: raw material cleaning-crushing-ingredients-mixing-steam conditioning-pelleting-drying and cooling-packaging

2. Composition of raw materials

The protein content of shrimp feed should generally be 30%-40%, and protein feeds such as fish meal and soybean meal should account for a higher proportion in the formula; at the same time, it is rich in calcium, phosphorus and other minerals and vitamins, especially the amount of Vc should reach 50O-1000 Mg/kg. In addition, the amount of flour or secondary powder in the formula should be more than 10%. And should reduce the amount of bran or other raw materials rich in crude fiber.

3. Crushing and ingredients

The shrimp feed grinding machine can be a hammer mill crusher, and the sieve plate aperture is preferably 1.0 or 1.2 mm. For materials that are difficult to crush, a claw crusher can be used for crushing, and the raw materials should pass through a 40-mesh sieve after crushing. For some small or trace added ingredients such as trace elements and vitamins, a bench scale or coarse balance should be used for weighing.

4. Mixing and granulating

The feed mixer machine should be a horizontal ribbon mixer, and the mixing time is 4-6 minutes. The granulating equipment can be a ring die shrimp pellet mill machine, with a diameter of 1.5-2 mm for small shrimps and 2.5 mm for large shrimps. When pelletizting, the speed of the feeding motor should be 300 rpm, the steam pressure used for tempering should be 0.4 Mton, and the tempering temperature should be 95 degrees. A vertical pellet cooler is often used for drying and cooling of pellets, and the cooled pellets can be packaged or produced as long as the particle size is appropriate. It should be pointed out that for the production of shrimp feed, some feed factories in coastal areas have a special post-curing process, that is, pellet feed is extruded out of the pelletizer and then heated and then cooled. This will undoubtedly improve water resistance of shrimp pellet feed.

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