Operating characteristics of batching and mixing process in animal feed mill processing

Before planning and designing the automatic control system of the feed processing machinery batching and mixing process, it is necessary to clarify the relevant operating characteristics and requirements of the animal feed mill production process.

animal feed milling machine

For the commonly used animal feed making machinery batch batching and kneading process, whether it is a multi-bin-scale-mixer system or a multi-bin multiple scale-mixer system, there are the following common operating characteristics and requirements: 

1. It is a repeated batch operation. The weighing, batching, mixing and unloading of various raw materials in each batch is a simple work process in sequence or time. All feeders, scales, weighing hopper doors, mixer discharge ports, etc. must be operated in sequence according to a predetermined sequence or conditions. All equipment shall implement necessary self-locking and interlocking. 

2. The difference in physical properties of various materials (such as different particle size, bulk density, water content, etc.) makes it easy to produce different batching accuracy when the same batcher is used to batch different materials.  

3. Due to the need to adapt to the different requirements of feed product users or the inventory of raw materials, the formula is often changed or modified frequently. It is hoped that the system has the storage capacity to store a variety of recipes.

4. Guarantee of the accuracy of ingredients. 

5. Real-time monitoring of silo material level to ensure continuous production. 

6. The products of the ingredients and mixing sections can be used as finished products or semi-finished products. The basic data of the animal feed production process is an important data for the production management, inventory management and raw material management of the whole animal feed making plant. 

The basic operating process characteristics and requirements of all these animal feed production machinery have put forward a guiding principle for the planning and design of the automatic control system of the batching and mixing process. Planning and design must take into account the requirements of each operation process, so that the system has corresponding control functions.

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