Why does the main shaft of the pellet machine shakes? How to deal with it?

The reasons for the spindle sway are as follows:

1) The spindle tail is not tightened or not tight.

2) The main shaft of the SZLH350 pellet machine and above models(like SZLH420 ring die pellet mill,SZLH508 animal feed pellet making machine,etc.) has a large clearance between the spline and the spline seat. The rear keyway of the SZLH320 feed pellet machine and below models(SZLH250 small animal feed pellet mill) has a large clearance with the transmission shaft, the transmission shaft and the safety pin seat keyway.

3) The gap between the safety pin and the safety pin sleeve, the safety pin sleeve and the safety pin seat hole is large.

4) Spindle bearing deformation or bearing wear.

5) The inner hole of the ring die is too large ≥ 0.30.

6) Uneven adjustment of the gap between the two rollers.

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1) First check if the spindle is tightened, first remove the rear fueling system, remove the spindle gland, and check if the butterfly spring is deformed. If the butterfly spring is flattened, a new butterfly spring should be replaced (the number of butterfly springs and the assembly position should be the same as before the unassembled). Then tighten the locking screw on the main pressure cover and turn it on to check if the spindle is shaking.

2) If it is still shaking, remove the main gland, use a copper rod to cushion the main shaft, use a sledgehammer to punch the main shaft toward the ring die, and then remove the main shaft sealing cover to check whether the main shaft bearing is in good condition. If the clearance is too large, the bearing should be removed to replace the new bearing, and then the spindle should be locked in order.

3) During the process of mounting the spindle, it should be noted that the position of the inner ring of the spindle bearing should be positive before the spindle can be assembled in place. Under normal circumstances, after the assembly is in place, the end faces of the main shaft and the end face of the transmission wheel are about 10 mm apart. If it is checked that the spline fit clearance is large, the keyway fit clearance is large, the safety pin fits the gap, and the inner wall of the ring touches is out of round, the above components must be replaced. After the spindle is installed, the opener checks for sloshing.

4) After the spindle is normal, the gap between the pressure roller and the die should be properly adjusted. The spacing cannot be adjusted to one side and the other side is small. This may cause the spindle to sway, the discharge is not smooth, and the current is unstable.

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