Why the wood pellets are bent and many cracks appear on one side?

These phenomena are caused when the pellet leaves from the wood pellet machine ring die. When the cutter position is far away from the rig die surface and the cutter edge is too blunt, the pellet is broken by touching or tore but not by cutting, at this time, some pellet bends one side and the other side surface appears cracks.

Improvement measures:

Increase the pressure from the ring die to the feed, which is to increasing the compression ratio of the ring die, thus increasing the density and hardness of the pellet material; crush the feed raw materials much finer, if the molasses or fat is added into it, the dispersion uniformity should be improved and the additive amount should be controlled, to improve the pellet density, avoiding feed being loose; adjust the distance of the cutter from the surface of the ring mold or replace it with a sharper cutting blade; use aid additive with bonding, to improve the inner binding force of the pellet.

field installation provided wood pellet mill machine

RICHI ring die wood pellet making machine series:

MZLH350 factory supply competitive biomass wood pellet mill

MZLH320 factory offered wood pellet mill

MZLH420 wood pellet mill equipment

MZLH520 wood sawdust pellet machine

MZLH768 ring die wood pellet mill

MZLH858 wood pellet machine for biomass

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