What are the main reasons for the difficulty in discharging the ring die feed pellet mill and the low yield?

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1) If a new ring die of animal feed pellet machine is used, first check whether the compression ratio of the ring die matches the processed material, the compression ratio of the ring die is too large, the resistance of the powder through the bore is large, the pellets are pressed out too hard, and the output is low; The compression ratio of the ring die is too small, and the particles are not pressed out. The ring die compression ratio must be re-checked to check the smoothness of the inner hole of the ring die and whether the ring die is out of round. The inferior ring die is rough due to the inner hole of the ring die. As a result, the discharge resistance is large, the pellets are not smooth, and the discharge is difficult, and the yield is lower, so it is necessary to use a high-quality ring die.

2) If the ring die is used for a period of time, it is necessary to check whether the inner hole of the ring die is worn and the pressure roller is worn. If the wear is serious, the ring die can be repaired, the worn taper hole is re-bored, the press roll wear must be replaced, and the ring die cone wear has a great influence on the output.

3) The gap between the ring die and the pressure roller needs to be adjusted correctly. The general spacing between the production of livestock and poultry material is about 0.5mm. The spacing is too small, which will cause the pressure roller to ring and shorten the service life of the ring die. If the gap is too large, the roller will slip. Pay attention to the time and quality of raw materials, especially the moisture of the raw materials before entering the machine. The moisture content of raw materials is generally 13% before quenching and tempering. If the water content is high, the moisture content of the raw material after conditioning is too high (moisture ≥ 16%), the phenomenon of slippage in the mold will occur, and it is difficult to discharge.

4) It should be noted that the pulverization fineness of the raw material should be matched with the diameter of the die hole, and the fineness of the raw material of the small pellet feed should be finer. Meanwhile, the quality and temperature of the steam should be ensured. If the steam quality is poor (no water and no steam and steam) and low temperature regulation, it will affect the ripening effect of the powder and reduce the output.

5) To check the distribution of the raw materials in the ring mold, the raw materials cannot be unilaterally run. If a similar situation occurs, the position of the feeding scraper must be adjusted to distribute the raw materials evenly in the ring mold, so that the service life of the ring die can be prolonged. At the same time, the discharge is smoother.

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