Why ring die cat litter pellet mill machine is hot sale product in western countries?

Western countries business owners often invest in large commerce machine to produce large amounts of cat litter for retail. A cat litter pellet machine for large commerce are often bentonite granules which uses powder particles to produce effective high-quality pellets. Dry rolling technology is used in this method where power is compressed with moisture to produce tablets. These tablets are then broken through dry roll press to produce granules and pellets.

competitive price wood catlitter pellet machine

1.Latest ring die cat litter pellet mill machine project

Project location: UK

Client: Well-known pet food company

Capacity: 5-6T/H

Total Power: 55KW

Model: MZLH350 

2. Cat litter pellet production line process

The main function of cat litter is to store cat poop. There are cat litters made of condensed sand, wood sand, crystal sand, bentonite sand, and tofu (bean dregs) cat litter. The main process of cat litter manufacturing is granulation and drying. The granulation mostly uses a ring die feed pellet machine, and the traditional way of drying is drum drying.

Raw material-----mixing-----crushing----granulation----screening-----drying----cooling and dust removal-----packaging

The introduction of a cat litter pellet machine came as a welcome reprieve for cat lovers worldwide. In especially western countries like Australia, you will find that cats are second common household pets next to dogs. With over twenty-nine percent of households owning at least one cat, the estimation is fifteen cats for 100 individuals. Considering that in 2016 Australia had 3.3 million pet cats it is no surprise that the cat litter is a huge industry.

Western countries especially in United Kingdom,Australia and New Zealand are the cat litter pellet machine a hot sale with the number of cat owners continuously growing. We look at what cat litter pellet machinery is and what it does for both home owners and large commerce too. Various types of equipments are available on the market using raw materials such as pine wood, paper pulp and more. Wood pellets for example is a timber industry byproduct and one of the most environmentally friendly cat litter.

A good quality cat litter pellet mill is ideal for pet-related companies, such as pet food companies. A biomass cat litter pellet machine in western countries is one of the popular machines with the abundance of tree twigs and tree leaves. The cat litter pellet processing machine owners often use wood hammer mill to crush raw materials and after drying the materials, feed it to their wood cat litter pellet machine.

Pelleting the materials gives cat litter pellet manufacturing machine buyers peace of mind as both cats and owners have dust-free and healthy cat litter. Various types of machines are on the market with the increasing number of buyers realizing the amount of money saved by selling their own cat litter pellet machine. The supply ability for a small litter machine which is another hot sale in Australia is 20 sets of litter per month. A cat litter pellet press machine come in different sizes and pricing for example a hot selling cat litter pellet machine like ring die series cat litter pellet mill uses rolling technology to produce cat litter.

3.Owning a cat litter pellet machine equipment comes with advantages such as:

(1)Always having hygienic cat litter.

(2)Always having service from your machinery.

(3)User-friendly operation.

(4)Production as it suits you.

(5)High efficiency machines.

RICHI hot sale cat litter pellet milling machine is manufactured according to European standards and internationally advanced technology they are manufactured for low noise, reliability, stability good transmission and gear driving system. Depending on models will pellets vary in size, main power source, conditioner power, feeder power as well as production capacity.RICHI ring die cat litter pellet commerce machine on the other hand easily produce 1 to 20 tons per hour.

4.RICHI ring die horizontal cat litter pellet making machine series:

MZLH350 800-1000kg/h China professional factory offered high quality cat litter pellet machine

MZLH320 factory offered hot sale 300-500kg/h biomass cat litter pellet mill

MZLH420 high performance 1-2 ton per hour cat litter pellet machine

MZLH520 new technology 2-3 ton per hour cat litter pellet mill

MZLH768 2.5-4t/h easy to operate good quality cat litter pellet machine

MZLH858 3-4.5t/h China hot sell good quality cat litter pellet machine for sale

If you want to built one complete pellet production line in your country, pls send the inquiry to us. We will customized design according to your requirement.

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