Usage and management of animal feed processing equipment in 1-100tph feed mill factory

In order to ensure the normal operation of the 1-100t/h animal pellet feed production line, extend its service life, reduce failures, and improve economic efficiency, here are the following points for reference by feed manufacturers.

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1. Installation and debugging of feed making equipment

(1) Before installation, check whether the size of each installation foundation meets the requirements of the drawing according to the equipment plan and foundation plan. If there is any discrepancy, it should be repaired until the dimensions are correct before installation.

(2) The installer should be familiar with the installation requirements of each equipment first, and construct in strict accordance with the technical requirements.

(3) The equipment may be deformed, damaged or lost during transportation. Therefore, before installation, check and accept against the equipment list, and take corresponding measures to ensure that the equipment is in good condition before installation .

(4) Each equipment should be numbered before entering the installation site, and the installation process card and schedule should be formulated. According to the requirements of the installation process sequence, the equipment should be transferred to the site for installation.

(5) Installation sequence: from top to bottom, first install the host equipment and rack in place, and then install the connecting pipes and electrical equipment.

(6) Tools required for installation: equipment and materials must be available.

(7) After installation, the rotating parts of the equipment must be flexible and free of jamming, bumping and impact. The connecting parts must be firm and sealed, and there must be no powder, air, or oil leakage.

(8) The installation of electrical equipment should comply with relevant national regulations. The direction of each line should be clear, and there should be no electricity running or leakage. Wires and cables should have protective shells to prevent rats from biting.

(9) After all the equipment is installed, each stand-alone unit should be tested in an empty car, and it can be put into a load test in normal operation.

(10) Before the load test run, calibrate the electronic batching scale and packing scale to achieve the specified accuracy.

(11) The load runs for 8 hours, and it can be delivered to the feed production factory for production and use after no fault.

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2. Operation and use

(1) Before driving, the personnel on duty at each position shall inspect the equipment.

①Is there any foreign matter falling into the animal feed production equipment; whether each rotating part is flexible, whether there is jamming or bumping; whether each connecting part is firm; whether there is powder leakage, air leakage, oil leakage, etc. If there is a fault, it should be eliminated in time.

②Whether the gears have lubricating oil; whether the transmission belt tension is appropriate; whether the hammer of the feed crusher equipment, the die and the pressure roller of the animal feed granulator machine need to be replaced; whether the specifications of the screen meet the requirements.

(2) The personnel on duty in the control room should master the daily production schedule and the storage of main and auxiliary materials in order to schedule production.

(3) Operation sequence

①Close the main power switch first, and then place the system switches to the working position.

②Turn on the sound signal switch to notify each staff member to enter the work position.

③After completing all preparations, the staff on duty in the control room determines the entry number of each material, assigns each three-way valve to the corresponding position, first activates the dust removal fan, and then turns on the switches according to the processing sequence.

④The personnel on duty in the control room should always pay attention to the various signal lights on the simulation screen. If the batching warehouse signals an empty or full warehouse, the relevant feeding personnel should be notified in time to operate the warehouse gate.

⑤The staff should call out the required material formula according to the production arrangement, and operate the computer and its auxiliary devices correctly.

⑥When operating the feeding device of the animal feed hammer mill crusher and animal feed pelletizer, ensure that the main motor works under the rated current and does not cause blockage.

⑦Various trace elements, vitamins, etc., are fed in proportionally and quantitatively from the additive inlet of the mixer. Each batch of materials is mixed by the mixer, and the input time is when each batch of materials just starts to be mixed. The room gives an input signal and puts in in time.

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3. Maintenance and repair

(1) Carry out maintenance and maintenance according to the requirements of the instruction manual of each animal feed manufacturng equipment. If there are no special requirements, ZG-3 calcium-based lubricating oil is used for bearing lubricating oil, and HJ-60 mechanical oil is used for reducer lubricating oil. If the room temperature is lower than -10°C in winter, HJ-20 mechanical oil is used.

(2) The animal feed machine should be overhauled once in half a year and overhauled once in a year. During minor repairs, replace the lubricating oil, clean the bearings, and replace damaged parts.

(3) Adjust the tightness of the belt in time. When the animal feed processing machine is running, the belt must not be severely slipped.

(4) Vulnerable parts such as the hammer and sieve of the feed grinding hammer mill, the die and roller of the pelletizing system should be repaired, adjusted and replaced in time. The replacement, maintenance, and adjustment time depends on the productivity or product quality of the feed processing products. Generally, when the productivity drops significantly, and the particle forming rate and surface quality cannot meet the requirements, they should be adjusted or replaced in time.

(5) After the hammer of the feed crusher machine is worn, it should be used in reverse or U-turn, and the original hammer arrangement must be maintained when turning. When the four corners are worn and new hammers need to be replaced, each group of new hammers should be weighed, and the weight difference of each group of hammers should not exceed 5g. When installing, it must be assembled according to the hammer arrangement to avoid the crusher from being strong. shock.

(6) After using the electronic scale for half a year, it is necessary to check and calibrate its accuracy.

(7) After each shift, bean cake powder is used in the cavity of the pellet machine to flush out the residue in the die hole.

(8) The computer control room is always kept clean and quiet.

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4. General faults and troubleshooting methods

(1) The crusher vibrates strongly and makes a lot of noise. The reason may be:

①The hammers are arranged incorrectly, and the hammers should be reinstalled according to the hammer arrangement diagram;

②Individual hammer pieces are stuck in the pin shaft and have not been thrown away, and should be dealt with in time;

③If the fixing bolts of the grinder bearing seat are loose or the bearing is damaged, repair or replace in time.

④ After the hammer of the crusher or the impeller of the self-contained fan is worn out, the balance of the rotor is destroyed. At this time, the relevant parts should be replaced in time.

If the inspection is not due to the above reasons, it may be that the weight difference between the two sets of hammers on the corresponding pin of the grinder rotor is too large, and the corresponding two sets of hammers should be re-selected so that the weight difference does not exceed 5g.

(2) Ash return from the feed port of the feed hammer mill crusher equipment 

Generally, the feed volume is too large, resulting in insufficient lifting capacity of the crusher fan, which causes the screen and the suction tube to be blocked. At this time, the machine should be shut down in time to remove the accumulated material in the upper and lower chambers of the crusher screen, unblock the suction tube, and readjust the feed rate of the crusher.

(3) There is abnormal noise in the animal feed grinding equipment

Generally, it is caused by a large hard object entering the crusher, or the parts in the machine are falling off and running water is in the crushing chamber. After discovering this situation, stop the machine immediately, check the crushing chamber and remove foreign objects.

(4) The finished batch particles are too coarse

Generally, the screen leaks due to holes or improper installation of the screen after the screen is worn or hit by foreign objects, or the screen is not tightly attached to the screen edge. Should be dealt with accordingly.

(5) The animal feed mixer machine has poor fluidity and insufficient mixing uniformity

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It may be due to damage to the broken arch plate in the mixer or too loose transmission belt. Check the position of the broken arch plate or the tightness of the transmission belt in time.

(6) Excessive dust in the operating area

The main reason is that the mouth of the dust removal cloth bag is not tightly closed, and the ports of the conveying pipe and the upper cover of the mixer are not tightly sealed, resulting in dust leakage. In addition, the fan housing, conveying pipe elbow, and suction pipe are also There may be holes in the abrasion, causing dust leakage. Therefore, if excessive dust is found, the above-mentioned parts should be checked and dealt with in time.

(7) Motor weakness and overheating

The lack of power of the motor may be due to an open circuit in one of the three-phase circuits of the motor, and the overheating of the motor may be due to a short circuit within the motor or long-term overload operation. At this time, stop the machine in time and ask the electrician to check the electrical equipment or adjust the work load.

(8) The pellet machine does not discharge the material. The reason may be:

①The feed inlet and agitator are blocked, and the blockage should be cleared in time;

②The mold hole is blocked, the mold hole should be opened;

③If the moisture content of the raw material is too high or too low, the steam volume should be adjusted;

④The gap between the pressure mold and the pressure roller is too large, and the gap should be adjusted to meet the requirements.

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