The internal environmental requirements for the construction of the pig house and the design and structure of the pig house

Pig house construction is a science, which needs to be continuously summarized and improved. For the pig house construction of ecological pigs, we need to combine the excellent results of traditional pig house design, but at the same time, we should not be restricted by the traditional thinking mode. It is necessary to use creative thinking to guide and continuously innovate the pig house design.

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1. The basic concept of pig house design 

The scientific ecological pig house is to make the best use of natural resources, such as free natural elements such as sunlight, air, air current, wind direction, etc., use as little as possible modern energy or materials such as water, electricity, coal; use biological as much as possible Sexual and physical transformation, and use as little chemical transformation as possible.  

2. The guiding ideology of pig house design 

(1)One is conducive to play a role, save labor, and improve efficiency.

(2)The second is to save floor space and control the proper density of pigs. The third is to facilitate the growth and development of all types of pigs, and try to improve the climate environment in the house. The fourth is to appropriately control construction costs.

(3)Three, the basic principles of pig house design

The design of an ecological pig house also needs to consider the following principles in advance. These principles need to be guaranteed by the production system and pens: First, the principle of "zero" mixed herd. Pigs from different sources are not allowed to be mixed, which requires consideration of the preparation of isolation houses. The second is the best stock principle. Always maintain the use of the fence, which requires the determination of a balanced production system. The third is the principle of grouping pigs of the same age: pigs of different stages cannot be together, which is the basis of the all-out, all-in system.

(4)Fourth, the requirements of the pig house's internal and external environment on the design of the pig house  

The environment of the pig house mainly refers to temperature, humidity, gas, light and other sanitary conditions that affect the environment, which are important factors that affect the growth and development of pigs. There is an exchange of material and energy between the pig collective and the environment at any time. In a normal environment, the pig's physical energy and the environment are in balance, forming a virtuous circle, which can promote the pig to develop its growth potential. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal life and production of pigs, a climatic condition suitable for the physiological needs of pigs must be created artificially.

3.Site selection  

The architectural design of ecological pig breeding is not much different from the traditional intensive pig farm site, and it is more flexible than the traditional pig house. The main consideration should be to analyze the geographical location, topography and topography, soil quality, water, electricity, and floor space.

4.The principle of overall layout

(1)Conducive to production: The overall layout of the pig farm first meets the requirements of the production process, and the planning and layout of buildings are based on the sequence and continuity of the production process, which is conducive to production and scientific management, thereby increasing labor productivity.

(2)Conducive to epidemic prevention: large-scale pig farms have large pig herds and high stocking density. To ensure normal production, sanitation and epidemic prevention must be raised to the forefront. On the one hand, the overall layout should focus on the nature of the pig farm, the resistance of the pigs, the terrain conditions, the dominant wind direction, etc., and the reasonable distribution of the pens to meet the requirements of the epidemic prevention distance; on the other hand, of course Some effective epidemic prevention measures. The ecological pig raising method should use biological and physical measures as much as possible to improve the epidemic prevention environment.

(3)Conducive to transportation: The daily transportation tasks of feed, pigs, production and daily necessities in the pig farm are very busy. The internal and external connections of the production process should be considered in the layout of buildings and roads, and the transportation routes should be as convenient as possible. Concise, non-repetitive, and non-circular.

(4)Conducive to life management: In the overall layout of the pig farm, the production area and living area should be separated and connected, the location should be moderate, and the environment should be relatively quiet. It is necessary to create a comfortable working environment for employees, while facilitating life and management.   

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