The effect of the number of rollers of the shrimp feed pellet mill machine on the pellet quality

Shrimp pellet feed is a kind of hard pellet feed in the feed industry. It has high pellet quality, multiple formula components, long process flow and high equipment requirements. It represents the highest level of hard shrimp pellet feed processing line technology in the shrimp feed mills. If any link is not handled properly, it may affect the quality of the shrimp pellets.

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Among them, the shrimp feed pelletizer is the key equipment for the production of aquatic shrimp feed production line, and it is also one of the key factors affecting pellet quality. Therefore, it is very important to choose a shrimp feed pellet making machine with reasonable design and excellent performance. The shrimp feed pellet maker mainly includes the following components: roller components, ring die, main shaft components, rotor components, machine base, transmission device, etc. According to the number of pressing rollers, shrimp pellet manufacturing machine on the market can be divided into two categories, one is a two-roll pelletizer, and the other is a three-roll feed pelletizer machine. There are many components in the shrimp feed pelleting machine that have a great impact on the pellet quality. The following content mainly focuses on the impact of the number of rollers on the pelleting quality of the shrimp feed pelletizing plant.

A very important indicator of shrimp feed pellet quality is the appearance quality of pellets. Usually a good appearance objectively reflects a good granule quality. If the tempering temperature is not in place, the color will be whitish, the chalking rate will be high, the incision will be rough, and the starch gelatinization will be low. If the moisture is not uniformly added, the particles will be uneven in color, different in length, different in moisture in the finished product, and easy to mold. If the pressing rollers squeeze different materials and spread unevenly, the thickness of the material layer above the die holes in the squeezing zone will be uneven, and the squeezed feed volume and squeezing force will also be uneven, which will easily cause shrimp problems such as uneven color and length of shrimp feed pellets. Therefore, the inadequacy of any process in the shrimp feed pellet processing plant will be directly manifested by the appearance of the pellets, and it is the simplest and most feasible to judge the quality of the pellets through the appearance of the pellets. It has also been widely used in aquatic shrimp feed pellet producing lines.

In order to obtain a good appearance of shrimp feed pellets, the feed distribution in the squeezing zone of each pressure roller should be the same. And the feed should be spread evenly in the squeezing zone, both are indispensable. First of all, from the point of view of the distribution amount, which of the two pressure rollers or the three pressure rollers is more evenly distributed? The feed distribution of the two pressure rollers is better adjusted than that of the three pressure rollers, and the effect after adjustment is also ideal. After the feed distribution in each extrusion zone is adjusted to be approximately equal, the uniformity of feed distribution in the axial area of ​​the extrusion zone should also be considered. The distribution surface of the same extrusion zone can be approximately divided into three parts along the axial direction. Call it the outer, middle, and inner three areas.

In theory, as long as the outer, middle, and inner three areas have the same thickness, the uniform discharge can be guaranteed. Two pressing rollers and two squeezing areas have 6 areas respectively to ensure that the feed spread is even and equal. In the same way, the three pressure rollers have 9 areas to ensure uniform spreading. Therefore, it is much more difficult to adjust the uniform distribution of the three pressure rollers in the axial area of ​​the ring die than the two pressure rollers. In actual production, due to the different degrees of wear of the pressure roller and the ring die, and the influence of factors such as the support stiffness of the pressure roller, the adjustment is more difficult.

Secondly, in terms of extrusion efficiency, under the same ring die inner diameter, the diameter of the pressure roller of the two-pressure roller structure is larger than that of the three-pressure roller structure. Under the same output, that is, under the same material layer thickness, the wedge angle of the two pressure rollers is smaller than that of the three pressure rollers, which is beneficial to the extrusion of the material in the extrusion zone, and the extrusion force produced by it is greater , The extrusion area is large, the spreading is more uniform, and the material is not easy to slide, which is more conducive to the discharge.

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This is similar to the big wheels and small wheels of a car going over a hurdle, the big wheels are like walking on the ground, the small wheels may stop there. Another benefit of the two-roller structure is that its speed is slower than that of the three-roller, the material is pressed for a long time, and the pressure is tight, which is more suitable for small-aperture shrimp pellets. Under the same mechanical parameters and working conditions, the wedge angle formed by the two rollers is smaller, and its squeezing force, anti-slip ability, and squeeze uniformity are better than those of the three-roller type shrimp granule feed pellet mill machine.

Ring die aqua fish shrimp feed pellet mill is the main equipment for shrimp feed pellet making plant processing, and it has a great impact on pellet quality. Therefore, choosing a suitable shrimp feed pellet mill making machine is the prerequisite for producing high-quality shrimp pellet feed. At present, the CE verified shrimp feed pellet machines used in the market mainly have two types: two rollers and three rollers. The main problem reflected by the market is the unstable quality of the granules, such as uneven length, high powdering rate, different color and poor water resistance, etc. This article mainly selects the number of press rollers of the shrimp pellet milling machine to analyze and draw the following conclusions: two The press roll granulator has more uniform material distribution, larger squeezing force and squeezing area, and stronger anti-skidding. Compared with the shrimp feed pelletizer with three rollers, it is more suitable for shrimp pellet feed mill plant prodution.

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