Some principles for designing pig houses

1. Design principles of pig house

When designing a pig house, the following principles must be considered in advance. These principles need to be guaranteed by the production system and pens:   

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(1) "Zero" mixed group principle

Any mixed groups of different sources are not allowed, which requires consideration of preparations for isolation houses.   

(2) The principle of best stock   

Always maintain the use of fences, which requires the determination of a balanced production system. 

(3) Grouping principle of pigs of the same age 

Pigs at different stages cannot be together. This is the basis of the all-out, all-in system.   

(4) Nursery house 

The construction content that most needs key investment. For health needs, details of airtightness and insulation need to be considered. Highly demanding standards must be all-out and all-in designs, fully enclosed and fully slatted elevated structures.

(5) Pregnancy and breeding house

It is not necessary to go all out and all in, but the requirement is a limit fence structure to facilitate feeding and management according to body conditions. The boars and the sows to be mated are housed in mixed shelves. Need to provide a larger breeding fence and pay attention to the ground can not be designed too smooth.   

(6) Delivery room  

It is related to the healthy survival rate after birth. It requires all-out and all-in, delivery stalls, and fully enclosed forms. It is necessary to have an insulated zenith to facilitate heat preservation and complete washing and disinfection.  

(7) Medium and large pigs (growing, fattening or growing pigs) house  

The focus is only on the area of ​​the column and the solidity of the brick wall, and everything else is as simple as possible.

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2. More notes on pig house construction

A good environment directly determines the growth of the organisms in it. Therefore, friends who raise pigs in rural areas want their own pigs to be better than others, and they need to start first when they are building. It is necessary to establish a very comfortable environment for the entire pig house, so that raising pigs in it can help them grow smoothly, otherwise it will bring unspeakable losses to some of their benefits.

When we decide to start raising pigs, we have to build a pig house. It's a coincidence. This article will tell you that when building a pig house, we must pay attention to the management of these. The first is His site area will be divided into many different areas, including eating, sleeping, sports, etc., but all areas must pay attention to the principle of hygiene and cleanliness, which is a standard for building pig houses. If the most basic environmental requirements of training cannot be met, even if you build the entire pig house no matter how luxurious it is, it is of no use.

(1) Site selection

Let’s talk about the location of the pig house. In fact, the best location for the pig house is to face north-south. In this way, we can provide him with ventilation and light transmission in time, but we must remember that windows are very important and don’t die. Seal him up. Many people just chiseled the windows to keep warm in winter or in summer. This is incorrect. There is no way to exchange airflow with the outside world, which will cause a lot of inside. Toxic substances are produced.

(2) Ventilation

Ventilation is also very important. It must be exchanged with the outside air, so that some heat and water vapor, including dust, etc., can be removed from the pig house. Therefore, this is the way to ensure Hygiene and cleanliness, and if the pig house has sufficient fresh air, it will help them eat and drink, including their usual activity. We all know that a pig is a very lazy animal, so we must try our best to improve his environment in order to make it vigorous to exercise.

(3) Heat insulation

Insulation can keep some of the heat emitted by the pig itself inside the pig house, which will help to warm up the entire environment. Insulation is also helpful for some adult pig houses because of its Radiation will be reduced, so the burden should be small, and very little water vapor will install some insulation facilities on the surface under the roof, which can greatly reduce the temperature drop, especially in winter, because of its own The temperature has risen, so we don't need to take more measures to warm them up.

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(4) Manure treatment

In fact, the most serious pollution is that it will cause the spread of some diseases. Maybe we don't pay attention to their feces, so we clean them up when we think of it. If we don’t think of it, they might be piled there forever. This is very incorrect. Yes, if it is winter, it might be okay, especially when the temperature rises sharply when spring comes to summer, and the deterioration of everything will accelerate at this time. If there are a lot of feces inside the pigs, they will go bad, moldy, and produce some very toxic and odorous gases. After they breathe in, the respiratory tract may also be infected.(How to use pig manure?)

So we must take these issues into consideration when constructing the pig house. The ones listed above are particularly realistic and frequently occurring issues. If we can't do all the difficult work, then in the process of our breeding, if there are some things that we didn't prepare in advance, we will do it temporarily, then at this time we will be in a hurry and it is difficult not to do it. A little problem, at this time things like output will be another matter.

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