Loss of feed processing and improvement ideas

steam consumption in feed plant

1. Loss during animal feed mill production process:

(1) Water loss

①The water loss (average) of crushed corn is 0.95%;

②The water loss of corn fine crushing is 1.10%, and the water loss of coarse crushing is 1.05%;

③The influence of the same crushing process on water loss:

•0.1% loss of material on and off the crusher (without elevator); 

•The loss of 0.22% when crushed material is mechanically transported; 

•The loss of 0.95% when the crushed material is pneumatically conveyed.

④Water loss during granulation process:

•Add molasses 2%, loss 0.18%;

•Add molasses 1%, loss 0.6%.

(2)Calculation, packaging and loss: 

① Loss caused by measurement error;

②The loss caused by the upper deviation of the measurement set value; 

③Loss caused by poor management and operating errors.

2. Total loss of animal feed processing plant (%) 

(1) Raw material receiving moisture loss 0.1-0.2; 

(2) Moisture loss during crushing 0.8-1.0;

(3) Water loss during granulation process 0.1-0.3;

(4) Dust and scattered loss 0.5-0.8;

(5) Metering loss 0.1-0.2;

 Total 1.6-2.5.

3. It is recommended to take measures to control loss:

(1) Water loss control during processing;

①Vertical silos should be used for storage of animal pellet feed ;

②The suction volume should be as low as possible;

③The crushing fineness should be as coarse as possible;

④The animal feed mixing machine can add 1-1.5 moisture during processing.

(2) Advantages of adding water in the mixer for animal feed: 

①It can effectively compensate the water consumption of feed during processing;

②Improve the efficiency of the granule mechanism and save the unit energy consumption; 

③The water added in the mixer is more stable than the water added in the granulator, and the granules are not suitable for mildew.

(3) Requirements for adding water in the animal feed mixer:

①Under normal circumstances, the water temperature should be 20-30℃, in special cases 88℃.

② Surfactants should be added to the water to reduce the surface tension of the water and accelerate the uniform diffusion of water. 

③The amount of water added should be 1-2%, not more than 3% at most, and it must be added in the form of spray.

Different animal feed production processes and equipment and different feeds have different measures to reduce losses. Only some of them are listed here for your reference. If you want to know more, please contact Richi Machinery directly online.

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