Operating procedures for stock bin workers in the animal feed mill factory production process

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1. Job standards for stock bin workers

●Check the silo and confirm the variety and quantity of raw materials in the silo.

●Check whether the types of incoming materials are consistent with the warehouse number, and prevent binning.

●Check the particle size of the crushed materials into the warehouse, and report to the central controller and monitor in time if any problems are found.

●Clean the primary cleaning equipment once and the permanent magnet cylinder twice in each shift. The cleaned debris is bagged and placed in a designated location, and taken out of the workshop after get off work.

●Monitor the operation of the equipment above the fourth floor to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and report to the central controller and monitor in time if any abnormalities are found.

●Assist and supervise the granulator to replace the grading sieve normally.

●Clean the silos, slide pipes, and distributors as required.

●Check the inventory of each silo before handing over the shift and fill in the silo inventory table truthfully.

●Do a good job of sanitation in the responsible area to ensure that the ground and the surface of the equipment are free of dust and stains.

●Sanitary tools are placed and stored neatly.

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2. Operating procedures for stock bin workers

(1) Operating rules for the initial cleaning of the cylinder

●The operator should understand the structure of the machine and be familiar with the performance of the machine.

●The empty car should be run before use, and the direction of the screen tube should be consistent with the direction of the steering sign.

●Check each fastener to avoid abnormal noises such as jams, bumps, frictions, etc.

●The material can be fed only after the standby device is running normally, and the feeding amount should be even and appropriate.

●If the machine breaks down during the working process, it should be shut down immediately for inspection, and restarted for use after the failure is eliminated.

●The machine cannot be overloaded. Before shutting down, the feeding should be interrupted first, and the machine can be shut down after the material in the standby is cleaned up.

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(2) Operating rules of bucket elevator

●Conduct regular inspections before starting up: whether all bolts, transmissions, and safety shields are intact.

●Check whether the tightness of the bucket bag is appropriate, and whether the bucket is loose, deformed or worn.

●Start the hoist and wait for it to run normally before it can be used for materials.

●The amount of feed should be uniform and appropriate.

●Regularly check the tension wheel on the operating machine base to correct the running film of the bucket bag.

●Observe the operation through the observation window. If there is any abnormality, stop the machine for inspection.

●Before stopping the machine, you should stop the material supply first, and then continue to run for about 1 minute, and stop the machine after the material in the standby is empty.

● During operation, if there is no special situation, the load shall not be started or stopped.

●In case of blockage, stop supplying materials immediately, and then pull out the plug-in board under the base to remove the blockage materials. Note that it is strictly forbidden to reach into the base of the machine and pick it up when discharging the blockage.

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(3) Operating rules of grading screen

●Adjustment of grading screen

①Adjustment of the inclination angle of the screen surface: Before the equipment leaves the animal feed production factory, the included angle between the screen surface and the horizontal plane is generally about 4°, and its size can be adjusted by adjusting the length of the steel rope (generally no adjustment).

②Adjustment of the screen surface pressing mechanism: the pressing force of the pressing mechanism can be adjusted by adjusting the screw length. Tighten the lock nut after adjusting the pressing force.

●Operating Regulations

①Check all fasteners before starting up, and there must be no looseness.

②The machine starts to run for 2 to 3 minutes, and the material can only be fed if there is no abnormal sound such as jamming, rubbing, or friction.

③The machine must not be used under overload conditions.

④For different screening requirements, replace different screens to meet animal feed production and quality requirements. When replacing the screen, clean the screen surface and carefully check the damage of the screen and the wear of the rubber ball. If the screen is damaged, it should be replaced or repaired in time, and the rubber ball should be replaced in time if it is severely worn.

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3. Work flow of warehouse workers

●Central control workers notify raw materials (semi-finished products, finished products) to enter the silo;

●The stock bin worker goes to the corresponding silo to check whether the raw materials (semi-finished products, finished products) are put into the warehouse correctly;

●Check whether there are raw materials (semi-finished products, finished products) in the adjacent slide pipes to prevent mixing;

●Check the feeding situation of the silo according to the time requirements;

●Check whether the raw materials (semi-finished products, finished products) are qualified (sample to the central control and pelletizing positions);

●Check the operation of the equipment on the fourth floor and above, and notify the central control and monitor in time if any problems are found;

●Assist in the maintenance and inspection of the equipment above the fourth floor in granulation, central control, and repair.

4. Some precautions for stock bin workers

●When the raw materials (semi-finished products and finished products) enter the silo, they must check the incoming silo at 15-minute intervals, and notify the central control personnel and leaders in time if the quality changes.

●After the raw materials (semi-finished products, finished products) have been put into the warehouse, the central control must be notified to change the stock bin without the slipping pipe.

●Prevent mixing and stringing of animal feed raw materials (semi-finished products, finished products) into the warehouse.

●Inspect the operation of the equipment on each floor at any time, and report any problems in time.

●Sampling to the central control and pelleting positions in time to judge the quality status.

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