Grass Pellet Making Machine And Grass Feed Pellet Processing Technology

As the raw material of grass pellets, forage grass generally refers to grass or other herbs for feeding livestock. Forage grass has strong regenerative power, can be harvested many times a year, and is rich in various trace elements and vitamins, so it has become the first choice for raising livestock. The quality of forage species directly affects the economic efficiency of animal husbandry and needs to be paid attention to.

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1. Selection of raw materials for grass pellets

There are many types of forage grass, and the most important conditions for selection are good grass quality, high yield, multi-season harvesting, strong vitality, high nutritional value for livestock and improving the meat quality of livestock. Most of them are mainly planted legume crops, and there are many crops to choose from such as ryegrass, Mexican corn grass, king bamboo grass pasture, sweet elephant grass pasture, alfalfa and many other varieties. But the friends of pastoralists should also choose pasture according to the climate and soil conditions of the area where their farm is located.

2.Benefits of Grass Pellets

(1)The growth and utilization of the fodder are greatly influenced by seasons.

Forage turn wither and yellow with less nutrients in winter . Yet, forage grow vigorous with more nutrients so that livestock can't eat them up in warm seasons. So, in order to make full use of grass in the warm season to make the effect to come true, the livestock and poultry can be fed in winter with the grass pellets conserved in process of mowing, drying, crushing.

(2)High transform rate.

Feeding the livestock and poultry with the grass feed pellets in winter, we can gain more meat, egg and milk with less forage.

(3)Small volume.

Grass pellet is only around 1/4 of the raw materials in volume in favorable for storage and transportation. In addition, less dust is beneficial to the health of human and animals.

(4)To increase palatability and improve the quality of forage.

For instance, sweet clover possesses a flavor of coumarin which livestock more or less don’t like it. However, it becomes another forage with a a strong palatability and high nutritional value.

(5)To spread the source of fodder

Such as caragana, optimal quinoa, hedysarummaxim. Etc which have the thick branches turn to the favorable forage once processed into the grass pellets after crushing. Moreover, secondary product of other crops such as abortive shell, straw as well as all kinds of leaves also can be processed into grass pellets and feed livestock and poultry.

3.Grass pellet processing technology

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Grass pellet processing technology is that use the dryer to drying the grass, and get the grass with suitable moisture content, and then use the hay grass pellet mill machine to pressing the grass into grass pellet, after that, cool the grass pellet by the cooler, and screen the grass pellet. The grass pellet has the bright and clean surface, and the hardness moderation, the size of the grass pellet can adjust according to different livestock. The feature of use the grass pellet making machine to make pellet is that, it is easy to make the cellulose, microelement and additive added to the grass pellet, improve the nutriment values.

(1)The key techniques of processing grass pellets is to adjust the water content of raw material.You must measure the water content of raw material first, then add water to the processing requirements of the water content. According to the determination , optimum water content of 14% to 16% is for grass pellets made of leguminous forage , Gramineous forage grass is 13% - 15%. Grass grain processing usually use pellet feed mill. Because of the effect of mixing and extruding in the process of rolling grains , the temperature of grass meal can reach about 80 ℃ under normal circumstances. Water content generally reduce by 3% - 5% from the high temperature cooling to room temperature, so the water content of the grass grain after cooling is not more than 11% to 13%. Due to the low water content , it is suitable for long-term storage without going mouldy. All kinds of different nutrients grass particles can be compounded in accordance with the nutrition requirements of various livestock and poultry. And the particle size is adjustable by rolling machine according to the requirements.

(2)The grass pellet machine used now generally is composed of stirring, pressure,transmission and the frame.The main technical indicators are as follows:

a.Sieve aperture: 8, 6, 4.5 and 3.2 mm in diameter.

b.Productivity: when aperture is 8 millimeter, 300 kg/hour. 6 mm, 250 kg/hour.4.5 mm,200 kg/hour and 3.2 mm, 150 kg/h.(sheep larger models).

c.Grass meal fineness grinded: less than 1 mm

d.Pellets cooling method: natural cooling type.(cooling)

4.The key point of choose the grass pellet mill machine

Choose the grass pellet mill with shaft type transmission, such the pellet mill has strong torsion and overload resistance. In the processing, the machine will not get stuck because add grass meal. The pellet mill with good quality used the roller and die plate made of Chromium manganese titanium alloy. It has strong abrasive resistance and long service life. The grass pellet mill machine should has the wide adaptability, it can used for different raw material, and make different size pellet for different livestock.

5.Livestock Feeding techniques

animal livestock horse goat sheep rabbit shrimp feed pellet machine for sale

Before feed the livestock should train them about one week, make them form the habit that eat the pellet feed. Feeding 2 times a day and allowing the livestock eat freely. To increase the digestibility, it’s better to feed a little green hay in the evening. The norm of the amount of pellet fodder feed to livestock for every day is that has a little residual. The demand of water when the livestock feed pellet fodder is more than that pastured, when the water shortage, livestock will refused to eat, so you should offer water to them in certain time.

Grass pellet feed will expanded and broken when it touch water, that will effect the livestock eat fodder. So, it is better not to feed the livestock in the open lair when the rainy period coming. Before feeding must insecticide and medicated for the livestock. To the better use of feed, the livestock which has diseases must be symptomatic treated.

6.Complete grass pellet production line



(2) Equipment for best selling ce complete grass pellet production line for feed processing plant

Crusher-Crusher-Dryer-Drum screen-Granulator-Cooler-Vibrating screen-Tonnage scale-Sewing machine, and some of its auxiliary equipment, such as belt conveyor, bucket elevator,dust collector, fan, silo, etc.

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