Five requirements for pig premix feed production

People often regard premix as the heart of compound feed. On the one hand, it plays a key role in compound feed. On the other hand, its components are extremely complex, with many varieties, small quantities, and physical chemistry .The nature is very different, and there are various problems in safety and stability, which greatly increases the complexity of production. The use effect of pig premix is ​​certainly related to the reasonable selection of users, but it is the inherent quality of the premix itself and the technical services that play a decisive role. How can we scientifically produce high-quality pig premix feeds? From the factors affecting the quality of pig premixed feed, there are roughly the following aspects:

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1. The scientific nature of the pig feed formula

The formula of pig premix must be designed and selected based on the principles of safety, high quality, high efficiency and low cost. The grade of the premix and the content of the main ingredients should be designed according to the latest achievements in animal nutrition and feeding science and the local production development level and conditions; for most components that do not affect safety, such as nutritional additives, add more Increasing the cost and reducing the effect of feeding, mastering the right amount is the technical key to the formula. The variety, dosage, and usage of pharmaceutical additives and certain sensitive ingredients (such as selenium, high copper, etc.) must be determined according to relevant domestic and foreign laws and regulations, local production levels and epidemic conditions; there must be sufficient scientific basis and necessary in this regard If there is an error, the consequences will be extremely serious.

2. Accuracy of ingredients

Scientific pig feed pellet formulas must be realized by accurate metering ingredients, and advanced metering equipment and reasonable craftsmanship are required to ensure accurate ingredients in strict accordance with the requirements of the formula. In foreign countries, although automated micro ingredient scales have been gradually promoted and used, manual weighing and addition of small varieties is still widely used at home and abroad. The key is that scientific management must keep up. The production of premixes has very high requirements for the accuracy and stability of various metering and batching equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen supervision and regular calibration of related equipment, and strictly manage the operation. For drugs that are added in small amounts and affect safety, such as selenium, high copper and other additives, be careful in metering and dilution. For components such as vitamins with very fine particle size and light specific gravity, it is necessary to prevent losses caused by suction, electrostatic adsorption, and residues that affect the content of the product.

3. The uniformity of pig feed mixing

Choose an appropriate pig feed mixer machine, have a process to ensure uniform mixing and prevent classification, and minimize the impact caused by falling, vibration, lifting, wind, etc. In terms of management, it is necessary to correctly determine the mixing time, select the appropriate carrier and diluent, strictly control the fineness of the additives, specify the order of addition, add grease, and so on. All of these contribute to uniform mixing and prevent classification after exiting the machine.

4. Stability of quality

The various components added according to the formula are often lost in the premix due to oxidative moisture absorption and re-moisture, interaction, etc. The degree of loss is related to the composition, compatibility, storage conditions and storage period of the premix. Generally speaking, iodine oxidation, sublimation, and iron oxidation are more serious among trace elements; among vitamins, fat-soluble vitamins, especially vitamin A and vitamin C, are severely lost. Ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, and potassium iodide containing crystal water And choline chloride have the greatest impact on vitamins. The pre-mixing plant must strictly select stable raw materials or carry out necessary pretreatments, pay attention to and prevent the compatibility of the components, select appropriate carriers and diluents, add antioxidants, use appropriate packaging, and so on.

On the one hand, the above measures are adopted to maintain the stability of its quality; on the other hand, the storage conditions should be improved as much as possible to reduce the temperature of the finished product and reduce the storage and turnover time (generally not more than one month, the longest three months) Reduce losses. Finally, vitamin A, vitamin C, etc. must be appropriately added in excess (higher than the guaranteed value) to compensate for the potential reduction of potency during the shelf life. Another aspect that affects the quality of premixes that is prone to occur in the production plant is the pollution and cross-contamination caused by equipment residues. It not only directly affects the content of active ingredients in the product, but also certain medicines and other components will give safety Cause problems. The factory must do everything possible to improve equipment to reduce residues. In addition, in terms of management, it is necessary to establish a scientific batch sequence and cleaning system to reduce pollution, cross-contamination and its impact.

5. Ease of use

In order to facilitate the use and give full play to the function of the premix, we must first try to diversify and serialize the varieties to meet the requirements of different users and levels, and strengthen the compatibility with the basic feed. In our country, it is not only necessary to provide clear guaranteed values ​​of effective ingredients for various series and varieties, but also to recommend the reference formula of basic feed, which is more necessary for complex premixes. In the design of concentration and packaging, it is necessary to fully consider the characteristics of the processing equipment and management of the compound feed factory or the breeder and the specific requirements for the premix, and try to match the user's mixer and metering equipment. For example, for a 500 kg main mixer in a small and medium-sized feed factory without a premixing section, the 1% composite premix is ​​made into a small package of 5 kg, which is an example of using one pack at a time. In short, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the compound feed, and to facilitate their use, so as to minimize the trouble in use.

Finally, it should be emphasized that the premix is ​​an intermediate product in the production of compound feed. The types and requirements of compound feed vary greatly. It is difficult to completely integrate the premix with all kinds of feeds. The production of compound feed is matched. Therefore, each premix production plant must mobilize various technical backbones to do after-sales technical service work on the above basis, so that users can fully understand the characteristics of premix products, guide them to strictly master the dosage and usage, and prevent product deterioration Only by classification can its quality be guaranteed fundamentally.

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