Feed formulas commonly used in beef cattle

With the continuous expansion of the beef market, the beef cattle breeding industry is constantly developing and growing, and beef cattle breeding technology is constantly improving. How can we better raise beef cattle? Cattle feed is the key issue. To feed the horse grass, it will grow healthy only when it is full.

Generally, the farmers who breed beef cattle feed twice a day in the breeding, which is convenient for the feeding and management of the personnel. However, after people's research, it is found that if the amount of feeding and the number of feedings are increased every day, the thickness of the ketone body fat of the beef cattle can be increased, the weight of the whole body is increased, and the lean content of the ketone body can be reduced. This is conducive to the smooth completion of the beef cattle breeding work, and better improves the breeding efficiency of the beef cattle breeding. 

cattle feed making pellets formula

The main food for feeding beef cattle can be barley and corn. In the case of feeding other foods and feeding barley and corn, the beef cattle fed corn and barley have better beef taste than others. When feeding beef cattle, a certain amount of enzymes should be added to the food of beef cattle, so that the flavor of the cattle can be improved. Poultry manure has a high protein content and can also be used as feed for beef cattle after drying and disinfection. Food additives for beef cattle can also be used to improve feed utilization.

Farmers must pay attention to the arrangement of beef cattle feed when raising beef cattle. Reasonable feed nutrition ratio and feeding methods can improve the growth efficiency of beef cattle.

People should be very familiar with beef cattle. In our daily life, some of the beef that is indispensable on the table comes from them. Then the food intake of beef cattle is very closely related to its production performance. How to raise beef cattle? Feeding can effectively increase fat and make money? Next, let's learn about the feeding techniques of raising beef cattle.

Beef cattle breeding feed formula:

The formula of concentrated feed for shelf cattle weighing more than 400 kg is: corn 65%, bean cake 5%, cottonseed cake 15%, bran 11.5%, and bone meal 1%. Table salt 1%, baking soda 1%, fragrance 0.5%. The feed formula for young cattle weighing more than 250 kg is: 60% corn, 10% soybean cake, 20% cottonseed cake, 5.5% bran, 1.5% bone meal, 1% salt, 1% soda powder, and 1% flavoring agent.

Coarse fodder is mainly combined with silage corn stalks, brewer's grains, and white distiller's grains. The silage corn stalks used are mainly the green stalks and green leaf corn stalks harvested in autumn for large-scale silage. It is fed year-round, with beer lees in summer and liquor lees in winter.

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