China professional factory offered hot selling good quality corn stalk biomass wood pellet mill price

China professional factory offered hot selling good quality corn stalk pellets making machine is also known as corn stalk pellet mill, corn stalk pellet machine and corn stalk pellet press. The most commonly used corn stalk granulator is ring die biomass straw wood pellet mill.

If you are looking for new designed 1-1.5 ton per hour corn stalk wood pellet mill,new technology 2-3 ton per hour biomass corn stalk wood pellet mill,on line support 3 ton per hour wood corn stalk pellet mill,new design high quality corn stalk pelletizing machine capacity 5 tons per hour,ce iso 160kw biomass wood corn stalk pellet mill machine, good feedback 1 ton per hour wood pellet mill for corn stalk pellets, 300-500kg/h ring die biomass wood corn stalk pellet mill, new design best price 220kw wood sawdust corn stalk pellet mill machine, reasonable price 3-4 ton per hour wood corn stalk pellet press,factory offered 8000-1000 kg/h wood pellet machine for 6mm corn stalk fuel pellets, etc., yes, these are all within our sales scope.

biomass rice husk bamboo corn straw wood pellet machine for sale

1.RICHI ce certificate good quality corn stalk pellet pressing machine for sale

(1)Parameters of ring die corn straw wood pellet press machine

Ring die biomass corn straw pelletizer machine is mainly composed of motor, switch box, feeding mechanism, safety device, pellet roller, ring die, and other parts. When machine running, the raw materials will be transported to the pelletizing chamber by horizontal spiral feeder. Under the pressing of pellet roller and ring die, pellets can be made and discharged from the ring die holes.

The Main Technical Parameters

Model:MZLH Series Ring Die Corn Straw Pellet Machine

Diameter of Die hole:2-12mm

Output(single machine):300kg/h-4.5t/h

PS: RICHI ce certificated ring die corn stalk wood pelletizing equipments have many different models, so the data above is range.

(2)CE ring die 300kg/h-4.5t/h biomass corn stalk wood pellet making machine price

300-400KG/H corn stalk pellet making machine for sale

Capacity: 300-400KG/H

Anti-Caking Feeder Power: 1.5KW

Force Feeder Power: 0.55KW

Stalk pellet making machine power: 37KW

300-400KG/H China supplier corn straw pellet press price: 12000USD-18000USD

1-20 TPH high quality ce corn stalk wood pellet mill line

CE 500-700KG/H biomass straw wood pellet making machine for sale

Capacity: 500-700KG/H

Anti-Caking Feeder Power: 1.5KW

Force Feeder Power: 0.55KW

Corn stalk pelleting machine power: 55KW

0.5-0.7TPH China supplier factory hot selling corn straw pellet machine price: 20000USD-25000USD

CE certificate 1-1.2T/H Corn Straw pellet making machine for sale

Capacity: 1-1.2T/H

Anti-Caking Feeder Power: 1.5KW

Force Feeder Power:0.55KW

Corn stalk pelleting machine power: 90KW

1-1.2T/H China professional supplier corn straw wood pellet press machine price: 30000USD-40000USD

hot sale 2 ton per hour biomass wood corn straw pellet mill for sale

CE ISO approved 2-2.5 ton per hour super quality biomass corn straw pellet machine for sale

Capacity: 2-2.5T/H

Anti-Caking Feeder Power:2.2KW

Force Feeder Power: 1.5KW

Corn stalk pelleting machine power: 132KW

2-2.5TPH China supplier hot products corn straw pellet machine price: 40000USD-50000USD

For more corn stalk wood granulator models ,welcome to visit:

2.Pellet Press – Quality Control

RICHI own a comprehensive quality management system. By monitoring and controlling the pelleting productivity, ratio of pelletizing, dust concentration, pellets consistency, pellets density, assembly quality, appearance quality, paint quality and other quality inspection and indicators. RICHI Corn Stalk Pellet Mill For Corn Stalk Pellet Plant can not only meet the design requirements, but also meet or even exceed the main performance indicators.

ce ring die corn staw sawdust pellet mill manufacturer china

3.Advantage Of RICHI CE Corn Stalk/Straw Pelletizer Machine

(1)Adopts advanced ring die structure design;

(2)Low power consumption;

(3)Stable granulating performance;

(4)High productivity. The output can reach 2000kg/h;

(5)Pellets density more than 1000kg/m3;

(6)Pelleting ratio higher than 95%;

(7)Pellets density higher than 90%;

(8)Easy maintenance;

(9)High reliability;

(10)Have detailed instructions and operation manual.

4.Why Make Corn Stalk Pellets And Corn Straw Pellets?

Corn stalk pellets and straw pellets are small in size and have high density, making them convenient for storage and transportation. The size of pellets is only thirtieth of raw corn stalk. The density can reach 1000kg/m3. It is good for the industrialization production. The burning effect of biomass pellets is also good. The tests show that the heat value of corn stalk pellets is more than 35000 calories and volatile matter of 60% ~ 85%. It is comparable to coal.

5.High Quality, Low Price And Large Market Space

Corn straw pellet is clean and friendly to the environment. Its sulfur content is only 0.16%~0.22%, which is far lower than coal. Besides, the price of corn straw pellets is low. At present, straw pellets fuel is not only used in the countryside, but also applied to biomass boiler in large cities in everyones' daily life. Especially, corn straw pellets are developing rapidly in power industry. The future of biomass pellet is seriously inestimable and should not be underestimated. On the day of resource shortage, it is a great opportunity to invest in biomass fuel pellet making machines. In addition, ce good stability corn straw pellet press machine has also been widely used in feed industry.

If you have any questions on China hot sell good quality corn stalk pellet production machine for your pellet fuel plant or need detail information about RICHI CE Certificate Ring Die Wood Pellets Making Machines For Corn Straw Pellets, send us an email please! We are waiting to help!

If you want to built one complete pellet production line in your country, pls send the inquiry to us. We will customized design according to your requirement.

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