Why the animal feed hammer mill grinder can also have a fever?

Sometimes we will encounter such a problem. Why is a newly installed or used for a long time with a very advanced performance of the electric feed corn hammer mill "fever", the parts quickly wear out, and the output declines seriously? This still has to find the answer from the shredder system and use. The system of the pulverizer consists of feeding, auxiliary suction and discharging system. Only if these parts are well matched with each other, can the crusher exert good performance.

animal feed mill grinding hammer mill used in feed and flour mill

1. Feeding

The hammer mill crusher generally uses impeller feeder or belt feeder for feeding. Both the impeller feeder and the belt feeder are equipped with auxiliary suction ports. The suction ports are properly opened through the adjustment plate to allow the crusher to work and form a negative pressure in the crushing chamber, which is beneficial to the timely discharge of the crushed powder Sieve. If the opening of the adjusting plate is too small, the air intake is not large, the negative pressure in the crushing room is small, the powder is not discharged smoothly, the powder is crushed excessively, and the heat in the crushing room cannot be discharged in time, the crusher will inevitably have a fever. When the grinder is "fever", the opening of the adjustment plate must be checked.

2. Settlement room

The auxiliary suction system of the hammer mill cusher consists of the material sedimentation chamber, pulse dust collector and fan after crushing. The space of the crushing material settling chamber should be as large as possible, which is to ensure the smoothness of the powder path and is conducive to the smooth and timely discharge of crushed materials. The smaller space of the crushing material settling chamber is also the reason for the poor discharge of the powder. Therefore, appropriate space should be reserved in the design to meet the technological requirements.

animal feed mill grinding hammer mill used in feed and flour mill

3. Pulse dust collector

Choose appropriate pulse dust collector according to different types of feed hammer mills. The type of dust collector should be determined according to the filtering wind speed, filtering area, and checking the air volume. In order to ensure the dust removal efficiency, the air volume of the fan should be selected as close to the intermediate value as possible, and the air pressure should not exceed 20% of the design value. Installed on the air outlet of the dust collector.

A dust settling chamber with a large space must be set between the dust collector and the material seal auger, so that the dust concentration of the gas entering the inlet of the dust collector is low. Most of the filter bag filter materials used in the dust collector are polyester needle punched filter felts. The use temperature is ≤120℃, which has good acid resistance and poor alkali resistance. For dust with a particle size of ≤1μm or high moisture, peritoneal polyester needles can be used. Barbed filter felt, but it is not suitable for dust with large particle size and large difference in particle size distribution.

(1) The smooth surface of the filter material is suitable as a dust-receiving surface:

a) For lighter dust or light dusts;

b) Dust with high humidity;

c) The viscosity of the dust is greater and the adsorption is greater;

d) Treat gas with high dust concentration.

(2) The rough surface of the filter material is suitable as a dust-receiving surface:

a) The particle size of the dust is small;

b) Dust particle size distribution is relatively uniform;

c) The dust humidity is not large;

d) Dust has low viscosity and low adsorption.

(3) Due to the high-speed rotation of the crusher hammer to strike and rub the material, the moisture and fine dust in the material will be adhered by the bag of the pulse dust collector, the air resistance increases, and the air volume and pressure of the dust collector will be lost with the increase of time If it is serious, the crusher will "fever" and the output will be reduced. The cloth bag of the dust collector must be replaced or cleaned in time.

4. Discharging system

The discharge system of the pulverizer is composed of a material seal auger and a bucket elevator. The function is to transfer the powder material passing through the screen to the next process to ensure the continuous and smooth discharge of the crusher. At the discharge end of the auger, there is a material sealing baffle, whose function is to allow the material to be smoothly discharged, and the wind blocking the discharge end of the auger does not enter the dust collector. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the material sealing baffle swings freely. When there is material, the material lifts the baffle to discharge, and when there is no material, the baffle will sag freely, and the wind blocking the discharge port will not be sucked. 

5. Ventilation

When the pulverizer is working, it is the only correct passage for the air path to allow sufficient cold air to enter from the suction port of the feeder, and to pass the powder through the sieve through the crushing chamber. If the installation accuracy is not high, and the sealing of the door, cover plate, air duct and joint is not good, it will also cause a short circuit in the air path, and the insufficient air flow through the crushing chamber will cause the crusher to "fever".

6. Pulse controller

Improper use of the pulse controller will reduce the effect of the pulse dust collector and indirectly cause insufficient air flow through the crushing chamber. The correct method of use is loop setting and the number of injection pipes; pulse width adjustment is in the middle; interval adjustment is in the middle; the use of pulse dust collectors is not high, and the pulse controller should be checked to adjust the pulse width and adjustment interval.

7. Improper use

Improper use of the pulverizer and long-term work under overload will also cause the pulverizer to have a fever or even burn the motor. The correct working condition is that the motor works under 90% of the rated load.

In summary, the "fever" of the feed hammer mill crusher machine is caused by system problems or improper use, resulting in insufficient air flow through the crushing chamber; due to poor powder discharge, causing excessive crushing of the material and accelerating the decline in production; due to poor heat discharge Smooth and fast gathering, the crusher rotor works in high temperature and high speed environment, which aggravates the abrasion of hammer knife and pin.

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