Three tips for feeding laying ducks

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1. Body weight: The egg production rate of ducks is above 80%, and the weight of ducks is slightly reduced. Animal feed should be added at an appropriate time; the weight of ducks increases, and the body also tends to gain weight, but the egg production rate is still At 80%, the roughage and green feed can be increased appropriately, or the feed intake can be controlled to prevent the ducks from eating too much concentrate.

2. Manure: If the duck's manure is thick, soft, and strip-shaped, with a shiny surface, it can be divided into several sections after lightly touching it with the foot, indicating that the combination of fine, thick and green materials is reasonable; the stool is small and strong, and the color is black. The section is granular, indicating that the amount of concentrated feed is too much, the amount of green material is small, and the digestion and absorption is abnormal. The amount of concentrated feed should be reduced and the green material should be increased.

3. Egg production: If the egg shape is abnormal and small, it means that the nutrition is insufficient. It is necessary to feed protein-rich feed such as bean cake, peanut cake, fish meal, etc., increase the crude protein content in the diet to 20%, and increase the diet appropriately Total amount; thinning, translucent eggshells, trachoma, rough or soft shell, indicating poor feed quality, especially insufficient calcium or vitamin D deficiency, should add bone meal, shell powder, lime powder and other minerals and vitamin D content Rich feed.

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