Beef cattle breeding feed formula technology

cattle feed making pellets formula

1. Feed formula for cattle at different growth stages

Shelf cattle: Shelf cattle weighing no more than 300 kg, recommended concentrated feed formula: soybean meal 14%, cotton cake 12%, corn 55%, bran 13%, baking soda 1%, growing cattle premix 5%.

Early fattening cattle: the weight between 300 kg and 400 kg is the early fattening cattle. The recommended concentrate formula: soybean meal 7%, cotton cake 15%, corn 62%, bran 10%, baking soda 1%, beef cattle premix Material 5%.

Late fattening cattle: The cattle weighing 400-600 kg are the late fattening cattle. The cattle at this stage are mainly to promote the fat and fat of the cattle. Generally, it is between 1-2 months. The concentrate formula is optional: soybean meal 4%, cotton cake 12%, baking soda 1.5%, corn 70%, bran 7.5%, fattening cattle premix 5%.

2. The amount of feed for cattle

Shelf cattle: The daily feed of each cow's concentrate is added at 1.5% of the cow's body weight, wet distiller's grains are added at 0.7% of the cow's body weight, and hay is added at 1.5% of the cow's body weight.

Early fattening cattle: the daily feed of each cow's concentrate is added at 1.2% of the cow's body weight, wet distiller's grains is added at 1.3% of the cow's body weight, and hay is added at 0.9% of the cow's body weight.

Late fattening cattle: the daily feed of each cow's concentrate is added according to 1.6% of the cow's body weight, wet distiller's grains is added according to 1.7% of the cow's body weight, and hay is added according to 0.4% of the cow's body weight.

3. Later management of cattle

When feeding cattle pens, you must tie a 0.5-meter short rope, thick and then thin, and then drink water for the cattle. Feed and drink regularly and quantitatively. Feed and drink 3 times a day. When feeding the concentrate, first mix the wet vinasse with hay Evenly, the temperature of drinking water should be between 15-25℃. In the process of fattening cattle, it is necessary to feed nutrient-rich concentrated feed, which can promote the healthy growth of cattle. Feed according to the growth needs of cattle, and pay attention to not excessive.

In the growth process of cattle, the amount of protein added must be strictly observed. If too much is added, it will cause indigestion and waste of feed. It will also increase the burden on the intestines and stomach of the cattle and cause diseases. , Can not meet the growth and development of cattle, and the fattening effect and beef quality are not good. Therefore, super resistance to growth can be added to the concentrate to promote the digestion and absorption of nutrients and promote the growth of musculoskeletal.

Therefore, during the feeding and fattening period of the cattle, the feed can be adjusted according to the different growth stages of the cattle. Feeding according to the weight of the cattle can avoid the waste of feed, but also give full play to the effect of the cattle feed, promote the growth of the cattle and the meat quality good.

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