How to raise freshwater shrimp?

Freshwater shrimps are delicious on the table, many people love to eat, but how to raise freshwater shrimps, many people, especially novice farmers, are not very clear. In fact, according to the following method, you can basically understand how to raise freshwater shrimp.

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1. There are many types of freshwater shrimp, such as kiwi shrimp, crayfish, etc. These shrimps are delicious on our table, and the meat is delicious. Basically everyone loves it, so there is a large market demand and considerable profits. . But if the farming is not good, not only can't make money, but also lose money. Freshwater shrimp farming requires some conditions, such as ponds with sufficient area, and freshwater shrimp shrimp seedlings of better quality.

2. Before breeding, you must have high-quality breeding facilities, that is, ponds. The depth of the pond should be between 1 and 1.5 meters, and the area should be more than 4 acres, but it should not be too large, and should not exceed 10 acres. The edge of the pond must have a slope, and the soil at the bottom of the pond should be soft and flat. The slope of the edge of the pool should be hard and the water quality should be good. It is best to have a water level control system and a scientific drainage and irrigation system.

3. There are facilities around the pond to prevent the shrimps from escaping, generally plastic film or plastic plate is sufficient. Before we release the water, we need to disinfect the pond thoroughly. You can use quicklime, bleach, bleaching powder and other things. After disinfection, the pond needs to be air dried for about a month, and you can put underwater shrimp seedlings into the pond.

4. Of course, before preventing shrimp seedlings, you need to fertilize the bottom of the pond. The amount of fertilization is about 500-600 kg of natural fertilizer per mu of pond bottom (mainly animal feces), and then cultivate some food that shrimp can eat. For example, plankton, insects in the water and the like. You can also keep some aquatic plants in the pond in the past, such as Malayan spinach, Elodea spp., Verticillium spp., etc. These are the living conditions that shrimp like very much. If you can, you can also prevent some things such as bamboo tubes, plastic tubes, etc. You can give the shrimp a rest.

5. The selection of shrimp seedlings also needs to be paid attention to. The length of shrimp seedlings should be more than 0.8 cm, and the specifications of shrimp species should be more than 3 cm. The size of shrimps in the same batch should be basically the same. The vitality of shrimps must be tenacious. Generally, the shrimp seedlings are artificially propagated and suitable for breeding. If they are to be wild, it is best to separate them from artificial breeding to avoid fighting with each other and reducing production.

6. You can choose different seasons for the stocking of shrimps, such as summer stocking (probably in mid-July) and autumn stocking (probably from mid-August to September). The stocking time is in the early morning of sunny days or rainy days. In the sun, shrimps are usually harvested from June to July of the second year.

7. Control the diet of shrimps. Generally, shrimps eat at night, so feed should be put in the morning and in the afternoon. The amount of feed in the afternoon needs more, which accounts for about 70% of the total amount of the day. The suitable water temperature of shrimps is 20~32 degrees Celsius, so we need to control the temperature in the water. It is best to set up a thermometer to measure regularly.

8. You need to check the condition of the pond every day. Shrimp likes the water quality with a PH value between 7 and 8.5. The oxygen content is preferably more than 5 grams per liter of water. The water in the pond is best changed every half a month, but every time The water change can only change one third of the water in the pond. Sprinkle quicklime water like a pond every 20 days or so. In addition, the water level must be stable.

9. From June to July and November to December each year, it is the fishing season for shrimps. We can use nets to catch the big ones first and then the small ones. The transportation of shrimps needs to be transported in plastic boxes and refrigerated trucks for cold transportation. Such shrimp, taste and quality are very good.

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